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Antique French Sideboard Oak Heavily Carved Renaissance Style  - OF035
$1745.0 AUD
Antique French Centre Side Display Lamp Hall Sofa  Coffee Table Oak c1920
Buy: $1550.0 AUD
Antique Dining Chairs Set of 8 - French Oak Renaissance style - j053
$1245.0 AUD
Antique French Writing Table Desk Oak Renaissance Style  - L167
$1465.0 AUD
Antique French Oak Dining Chairs Set of 8 Eight Oak Renaissance Rare - j103
$1350.0 AUD
Antique 16th century oak Refectory Table desk patina 2 plank top ornate carved
Buy: $6850.0 AUD
Antique French Renaissance Chair in Walnut
$330.0 AUD
Figurative Wardrobe in the Renaissance Style Mens Room 1880 Oak
Buy: $11690.67 AUD
BIG antique Vintage tapestry hand carved oak frame French Happy baroque interior
$495.0 AUD
Two Figural Neo Renaissance oak Wood Chair around 1850/70
Buy: $8525.91 AUD
Figurative Neo Renaissance Chair Sculpted Lions Around 1850/70
Buy: $4463.7 AUD
Unique Two Figural Neo Renaissance Oak Wood Chair Around 1850/70
Buy: $8148.03 AUD