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1920s oak wardrobe
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Silky oak wardrobe
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Silky Oak Wardrobe
$49.0 AUD - 1 bid
Lovely Old Silky Oak Wardrobe
$99.0 AUD
Antique provincial hand painted armoire carved gilt baroque wardrobe cabinet
$749.0 AUD
Original Antique Oak 2 Door Wardrobe
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English Oak wardrobe
$420.0 AUD
Wardrobe English Black Oak, Antique circa 1930s
Buy: $475.0 AUD
Silky Oak Wardrobe
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Antique French Armoire Oak Rare Wardrobe Linen Superb Patina Circa 1800's - i253
$1675.0 AUD
Wardrobe with 1 Drawer Oak 90x52x183 cm K2M7
Buy: $517.98 AUD
Antique French Carved Armoire Oak Breton Mirrored Wardrobe C1800s - L037a
$1475.0 AUD
Antique French Armoire Brittany Figural Carved Oak Mirrored Wardrobe - k099
$1695.0 AUD
Wardrobe with 1 Drawer Oak 90x52x183 cm Z4H7
Buy: $525.83 AUD
Figurative Wardrobe in the Renaissance Style Mens Room 1880 Oak
Buy: $11715.16 AUD
French Antique Armoire Fruitwood Wardrobe Linen Superb & Rare 247cm tall -  j006
$2875.0 AUD
antique furniture wardrobe
$400.0 AUD